Cristian Ortiz

2d game artist

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Cristian Ortiz

Digital Designer

I'm a 2d artist who has been working as a digital/ui designer for the last 5 years as part of different teams making apps and games for major tv shows and films. I have a background in Flash animation and I'm very confident with Photoshop, Illustrator, and after effects.

Always ready and with a smile on my face I respond to adversity with optimism and fresh ideas.

I'm keen to learn new things and do more of what I love which is creating characters and art for games, apps, storyboards and pitches.

I have been lucky enough to work with incredibly talented people and that has given me a great understanding of everything digital. Clients I have worked for include Warner Brothers interactive, Lego, Fox and HBO.

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Software & general skills

I can say i’m quite good at


ui elements and visual assets from scratch to bring concepts and finished projects together.


Clean Vector graphics and ui elements to go with my photoshop work


over 7 years working with flash for animation and games in advertising

After Effects

I have mainly used AE to bring animations together but also to create end cards and idents for trailers in the film industry

2d Animation

My knowledge of 2d animation gives me great confidence to work on sprite animations for games as well as animated shorts using Flash, AE and Photoshop


Im an illustrator by training which gives me a great advantage to bring concept and ideas to paper as well as digitally using illustration

Work Experience

My previous associations



2d/Visual / UI

I have been working Freelance for various game and digital studios including London's PLA studios and Spitfire Studios In Nottingham as well as working in privately funded animation projects. From providing 2d textures for Unity projects with 3d models to creating full 2d assets for ui and character development of ios and android games.


Substance Global

Digital Designer

2d artist and interface Designer with Substance001 creating games, Apps and online interactive ads as part of a very talented team for major Film & Television companies.


Channel 7 Media

Digital Designer

In One year and a half at Channel 7 Media I went from Junior designer to Lead designer. The core of my agency experience is here where I had the chance to work on various exciting projects including directing animations, storyboarding and conceptualising characters for ads and flash games.


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